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Why is it much easier to get generic drugs comparing to brand name medicine?

Generic drugs are widespread all over the world nowadays. More and more people find out about them and order them over the internet. The main benefit of this kind of drugs is that they have exactly the same chemical composition and ingredients as their brand name counterparts and their effects on people's health issues are the same as well. Dosing, strength, safety, quality and the other aspects of the drug are not different too. You should use it just like you usually use the brand name medication. This means that brand name drugs and generic drugs are bioequivalent to each other and have comparable bioavailability. Inactive ingredients are not required to be exactly the same, though. Generic drugs can be sold in the market only in case when their brand name counterpart's patent has already expired. This process may take up to twenty years after the drug is first approved by Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA). Usually every generic drug is known for its favorable price in comparison to brand name ones. Generic drugs can be found in almost every online pharmacy or drug store. When the patent of drug exclusivity expires, manufacturers may submit a special application called abbreviated new drug application (ANDA) to get the generic version approved. This application has to be submitted to FDA.


All the generic drugs which are approved by Food and Drug Administration are safe to use and have an identical chemical composition to brand name ones. FDA actually has a lot of requirements for the generic drugs, which expect them to be as strong and pure as brand name ones, also they have to consist of the same ingredients as them. Generics are actually of a lower price because of the clinical trials that are applied only to brand name drugs but not to them. It is wrong to think that generic drugs are of the lower quality and therefore they are cheaper.


Usually when the generic drug is being sold right after FDA's approval, its price might remain higher than it becomes later, even though it is still much cheaper than brand name drugs. This is mostly happening for the next six months after approval and market distribution, because the first generic manufacturer is given a so called "180-day exclusivity period". The manufacturer can receive it by getting the drug to the market.

The main difference between generic drugs and their brand name counterparts

First of all, generics and brand name drugs look differently, because the trademarks in the United States do not let generic manufacturers to produce the drugs which will look exactly like the brand name ones. But the generic must have the same chemical composition and active ingredients should not be different - only their colors or flavors may be. However, it must make the same effect on people's health.

Nowadays, not every brand name drug has got the generic counterpart. Some drugs are patented for many years and thus protected from being transformed into generics. The companies that produce and sell generic drugs have to wait until the patent expires to apply to the FDA for getting the right to sell generics. Brand names and generic names of the drugs usually are different and if you need to know the other name of some specific drug you have to search for it on the Electronic Orange Book by FDA.

There is also such a thing as branded generics. This means that generic drugs are sold under a brand name. They are usually developed by the manufacturer after patent expiration or a generic brand company. Branded generics are not as cheap as true generic drugs; however they are also less expensive than original brands.

In addition, there are so-called authorized generics, which are exact copies of their brand name versions, authorized by original patent holders of the drugs. It is usually produced under a New Drug Application (NDA) by a brand company; however it is marketed and distributed as a generic drug.

Medstore benefits

If you decide to buy your generic drugs in our online Medstore, you get a lot of benefits comparing to brand name drugs which are usually hard and expensive to get. Some people have negative biases towards generics because of their lower prices; they may think that it has to do with their quality. However, these negative perceptions are not true. Not only generic drugs are cheaper, but they also possess a great therapeutic efficacy that has been reported by many people. A lot of customers claim that generic drugs have made them feel much better after they switched from the brand name ones. Many internet drug stores have received a trustworthy reputation and are successfully shipping drugs to the clients worldwide. When you order the production from the med store, you can get extra support with your complex health conditions, as some internet pharmacies have launched special programs which provide extra help to the clients with different kinds of heart conditions, diabetes, migraines or other diseases. Drug stores always protect the consumer's privacy and guarantee that their personal information or medical history will never be shared or distributed anywhere else. They collect personal information from the customers mostly from questionnaires and applications and need this information for providing a better medical service to their clients. It is very convenient to buy drugs online, because you can order them from home and receive them in shortest time possible. The important thing about medical pharmacies on the internet is that they have very useful and well-sorted websites where the client can search for their needed drug alphabetically and order it in one click. Our online med store provides the additional information on request and is ready to help out with navigation. Finally, the essential benefit of buying drugs in the online drug store is fast delivery: usually it is 7-12 days by express mail and 14-25 days by standard mail.

Indian market of generic drugs

India has been known all around the world as the most famous manufacturer of generic drugs. It has thousands of different internet pharmacies that people buy generics online from. This country has been manufacturing medical production since 1960s and nowadays everyone can find a med store to buy generic drugs from. Every Indian drug store can ship their production all over the world; it is a very convenient way to order them over the internet, thousands of customers do this. There are some internet pharmacies that have a reliable reputation and lots of clients over the years, so if you want to order generic drugs online, you have to do a lot of research on the most trustworthy pharmacy that will not cause you any problems. For the best and the safest choice, you have to consult with your doctor and ask about the generic drugs and pharmacies; also you should read the reviews from the most experienced drug users who tend to make up special drug lists for those who want to buy drugs online over the internet. The reliable company usually has a website, a pharmacist and its name has to be somewhat famous. Generic drugs, of course, are sold by a lower price than brand name drugs, however if you see that the price of the drug is too low, be careful and aware that it can be suspicious. For example, if the medicine normally costs 100$, it can not be sold for 5$, even if the drug is generic. Another important thing is possessing prescription for the medication. You have to know that there are drugs which have been approved by FDA, however their official status is prescription-only, which means this is unsafe to buy them if you have not been diagnosed with a particular disease. You need to have a proof that you are buying this drug for yourself, and this means getting an official doctor's prescription; otherwise you are risking getting problems while your drug is being shipped. The customs can be strict and not let your drug through the border, so you need to keep this in mind. The drug also has a high chance of being confiscated if it is bought from an unreliable source, in this case you risk losing money that you invested into this medicine. This means that you must be aware and careful of the status and reputation of the internet pharmacy that you have ordered generic drugs from.

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