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What can you get if ordering in the online medstore?

Online sale of medicines has emerged relatively recently - about 20 years ago. Many people believed that this type of activity is futile and turned out to be wrong. As it turned out over time, online trade of drugs has some considerable advantages.

Today there is a wide selection of online pharmacies. On the website of these pharmacies, you can not only read information about the pharmacy, including contacts, jobs, information about events or promotions, but you can also find an extensive price lists and get expert advice.

Online drug display and remote consultation

Our Medstore offers online display range of drugs on the websites. This is another form of presentation of the goods to the customers, which fully informs consumers about pharmaceutical products. The advantages of online calculations are that the consumer has the opportunity to see the entire range of products and obtain full information about a drug before going to the pharmacy. Moreover, our web site gives visitors the opportunity to obtain additional consultation of a specialist either by telephone or by correspondence online. Some pharmacies attract doctors for the online consultation. In the course of communication on the patient's positive impact entourage of traditional pharmacies gives a sense of reliability. However, there are situations when you urgently need expert advice and at the same time and the Internet consultation may be the most affordable. In our drug store you can receive an online consultation as well.

The advantages of online medstore

Online pharmacy is a completely secure method of medicines' purchase. This is the cost effective and convenient offer for all segments of the population. It is a chance to take care of your health and health of your family 24 hours a day. Even retirees by purchasing online get small skills and experience and in this way they save their time and get rid of a tiring walking or standing in line at the pharmacy.

Our online Medstore works throughout the day so if you have a sick child, you do not need to leave the house but simply switch on the computer and place the order. It's much easier than to travel around the city in search of a pharmacy with the right medication.

Or sometimes you need to buy, for example, generics that cannot be bought in the usual pharmacies easily. It is much easier to go to our web site and do a few simple movements to order a necessary drug with the home delivery.

While visiting our online med store, you can always get acquainted with the drug easily, read its manual and learn about contraindications or side effects. Thus, it is much harder to make a mistake in choosing the right meds, and you get only what you really need.

The diversity of product is much higher than in usual pharmacies. The shelf life of the product in online pharmacy is always good. The goods with expired shelf life are certainly removed from sale and disposed of. The product does not lie in storage and does not lose its medicinal properties.

The delivery of your drugs is made by courier to your place and you will always get only your ordered medication. You should not worry that managers confuse your order. In this case the our med store is solely responsible for the safety of the product.

The main feature of the purchase in the online pharmacy is that you pay only the net cost of the medication, whereas in ordinary pharmacies the cost of the salary of the pharmacist and the rental area are included in its price. Here you get a big saving of money.

Buying generics online

Online pharmacy is a very useful thing for those who take generics (as it was mentioned above in this article). On today's pharmaceutical market, large corporations are competing in the sphere of new medicines and the development of the market of their sales.

They spend a lot of money. After all, for a creation of the new drug it is needed to have a research laboratory with a large staff of scientists, testing new drugs, research marketers, advertising costs, all this is very expensive.

It is clear that a large part of costs put into the cost of obtained drugs. Every drug is patented and assigned proprietary name. However, at the legislative level, no one prevents other pharmacological companies to start production of medicines with the same active substance, start selling it under a different name that is different from the patented.

The same applies to the issue of medicines under proprietary name after expiration of the patent. Such medications are called generics. Practically, there is no difference in their effects, they have a much lower cost compared to their proprietary counterparts. Moreover, their cost can be lower a few times!

Generic is a non-patented drug that is a reproduction of a brand drug, an active substance of which has expired patent protection. It may differ from the original drug in composition of excipients. Pharmaceutically equivalent drugs contain the same active ingredients in the same dosage form that is intended for one route of administration and are identical in potency or concentration of active substances.

Today, there are many cheap imitations of well-known patented drugs, which can be freely bought in any online pharmacy. If after visiting the doctor you are prescribed some medications, the cost of which can punch a serious dent in the family budget, firstly, you should know - there may be their cheaper counterparts is the generics that will help you to save a considerable amount. Often generics get their names after the name of its active substance.

Sometimes it is impossible to purchase brand drugs, but they are vital. Generics can help you in such situations. The quality and safe generic medicines are produced in India. Below you can find brief information about several Indian manufacturers of generics.

Hetero Drugs Limited is an Indian pharmaceutical company, founded in 1993 by Dr. B. Partha Saradhi Reddy Phd., a scientist and expert in the field of chemistry. Hetero Drugs Limited is a global pharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and dosed chemicals. The company produces 200 pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients, and also distributes its products in 138 countries.

The company Natco Pharma was founded in 1981 with an initial capital of just RS 3.3 million and a staff of 20 people, the company became a giant of the pharmaceutical industry and one of the most innovative companies with a staff of 3500 highly qualified specialists, 5 plants in India. The company is among the fast growing pharmaceutical companies. At the moment the company's products Natco are exported to North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Experts estimate that up to 50% of all produced Natco drugs are exported to developed countries. Natco Pharma is a credible company.

The pharmaceutical company Mylan was founded in 1961 in the U.S. state of West Virginia. Initially, the company started its activity as a distributor, buying finished goods and selling it to doctors and pharmacies. 4 years later, in 1965, the company launched the production of their vitamins and empty gelatin capsules. Then in 1966, Mylan received permission for production of penicillin G. in Addition, the company has continuously expanded its line of products, including other antibiotics, analgesics, steroids, and antihistamines. Today the pharmaceutical company Mylan is one of the leading companies, providing more than 1400 different medicines and provides their products in more than 150 countries. Leading position the company has taken with its wide spectrum of medicinal products, convenient delivery, large production scale and high product quality. The pharmaceutical company Mylan, in addition, is engaged in the production of antiretroviral drugs APIs that are used to treat the deadly virus AIDS, and supplies pharmaceutical ingredients to generic antiretroviral drugs.

There are many other Indian manufacturers that produce generics of good quality. This drugs are available in a wide range in our online med store.

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