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The most important information and facts about generic products and online medstore

Generic medications

Are generic products' prices always lower?

As a rule it's so. However, when generic products are approved and marketed first, prices can remain high (nevertheless they are already less than the patented products) for half a year because the FDA should give the 1st generic manufacturer the required "exclusivity period", which lasts 180 days. This exclusivity is assigned to manufacturer of generic medical products, who is the 1st to file the ANDA and did the additional work in order to get generic product to the market.
In fact, this exclusivity allows manufacturer to be the 1st - possibly the only one - generic during the next half a year. Generic companies may charge much higher prices on product during this period, as there is almost no other generic competition. The generic manufacturers state that the exclusivity allows recouping most expenses, which are related to staying the 1st to bring the generic drug to the market.

If not only one generic manufacturer simultaneously files the ANDA at FDA, these companies will share the exclusivity, which may lead to a bit lower prices during the next half a year because of the competition, but not so low as in cases, when several generic products enter the market.

Are branded generic products more expensive in comparison with the generic ones?

Branded generic drugs aren't always so affordable as true generic products. By sporting the brand name, many vendors can incorrectly make conclusion that the branded medications are higher quality products in comparison with true generic products, but it isn't usually so. However, branded generic medical products' prices may be much lower than the original ones.

Additionally, multiple versions of branded generic products may be completely available on market; an insurance company can prefer one branded drug over another one or no one at all. If customer finds his medication too expensive, he may call his insurance company and determine where there is more affordable and preferred drug, which is equivalent to vendor's prescription drug. Sometimes, it may require the new prescription from customer's pharmacist, nevertheless it may be worth it.

Who may develop the branded generic products?

Branded generic products, like simple ones, may be produced only after the patent of an original branded product is expired. However, branded generic medications may be produced by any medication company, which wants to submit the ANDA to FDA. In fact, a lot of large medication companies, which usually only create branded products, nowadays are acquiring generic manufacturers in order to delve into the lucrative business. Due to recent researches, branded companies produce something about 50% of all the generic products on the market.

What are the authorized generic medications?

An "authorized generic product" is an equivalent copy of the patented version, which is authorized by an original drug product's patent holder. The authorized generic products are the prescription products, which are produced by the brand manufacturer under the NDA, and which are marketed as generic products under the private label. They are completely identical to the patented medications in appearance (markings, shape, and color) and in comparison with the generic products the authorized generic drugs have the same inactive elements.

Med stores

What should customer expect after placing his order?

At once after placing the order, the US-licensed pharmacist will review customer's medical information. Sometimes, the pharmacist may need a bit more information. In these cases, the administration of the website will contact customer. If the doctor approves customer's order, it's sent to pharmacy. The US-licensed doctor dispenses the medication and ships it. Inside the package, the pharmacist will include the copy of vendor's prescription, also the receipt for his order, and the documentation, which includes all important information about customer's medication. If vendor has any questions about his medication, the included contacts allow him to contact the med store directly. Our online Medstore do not require a prescription. So, the ordering process is very easy.

May customer transfer his prescription to a couple of different med stores?

Currently, some websites can't accommodate the prescription transfers to any other med stores. The prescriptions of certain websites are issued by pharmacists associated with this certain website, so they don't include any refills, which may be picked at any other med store. However, some med stores process refills, related to the same products, at med store without any additional cost.

Are there any extra fees associated with customer's order?

Most trustworthy websites never charge any extra fees. There aren't any processing fees, consultation fees, or any other extra charges, associated with customer's order. Med stores clearly present the full price of the medication and they only bill vendor for the medications, which are shipped. The pricing structure of these med stores is completely transparent, and you may be sure not to encounter any hidden charges, while ordering products online.

Will customer need to pay the membership fee to purchase medications online?

If med stores say they don't charge any additional fees, they mean it. It also includes the membership fees. After creating the account, customer automatically becomes a website's member without any additional cost. In fact, with the free membership, vendor may take an advantage of order tracking, special promotions, and website's refill process.

What is about shipping?

Everybody knows that vendors want to receive the products in timely manner, and med store isn't an exception. That is why some websites' policy tries to ship the order within the 24 hours. But it isn't always like this: generally an average period of shipping is 2-3 days. Some issues may cause delays, like, for instance, incorrect postal codes, missing contact information, or incorrect address information. An additional communication between customer and pharmacist or regarding any medical issues may also cause delays.

Do med stores ship to international addresses?

Yes, many med stores ship orders to the USA, Canada and some European countries. If customer is located in Canada, his order is shipped from the licensed Canadian facility. In case, customer is located somewhere in Europe, his order is shipped from the licensed facility EU. While placing international orders, vendor should locate an appropriate country code, as the shipping and pricing details may vary due to location. Our pharmacy ships orders from India.

Will customer need to make a signature for his package upon delivery?

All the medications require customer's signature (customer shouldn't be younger than 18 y.o.). An adult should be available make a signature for the delivered package at the delivery time. If customer isn't available to make his signature, he may pick his package up either at the shipping facility or at his local post office.

Are the products shipped with the discreet packaging?

Yes, med stores understand the importance of privacy to their customers. The medication arrives in the discreet package, which doesn't indicate the contents. Additionally, for vendor's protection, some med stores don't include any packing slip or invoice on the outside part of the packages.

Can vendor cancel his order before it's shipped?

If vendor want to cancel his order before shipment, he may contact with the med store. But if the order has already shipped, customer can't cancel his order.

How can vendor track his order?

After vendor order ships, med store sends him his tracking number. Then, vendor may visit special shipping websites, enter his tracking number in special box and view all the delivery, shipping, and tracking information. In case customer has any additional questions, he may contact the customer service members.

Can customer return his order?

If his medication is still unopened, he may return it under some specific circumstances, if he contacts med store within 24 hours after the delivery. Either if vendor's package was delivered by mistake to another address, or if he didn't receive the correct product, he may contact the customer service members. Unfortunately, our Medstore does not accept returns.

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