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Should I buy branded products or Generics products in the medstore?

If want to purchase drugs and other medical products at the med store, but you aren't sure about the quality of generic drugs and don't know about the difference between patented and generic products, this article will be quite informative for you. There are a lot of people, who lack an adequate knowledge about this question's concept, in comparison with those, who know something about it. Everyone has to purchase medications sometimes. Somebody should do it for himself or for someone else. However, they don't have an adequate knowledge, related to the question of difference between branded products and generic ones. It's quite essential for every vendor and consumer to have the required understanding of the differences between generic products and the branded ones.


Everyone, who intends to purchase medications at the med store, should necessarily know what the branded and generic products are. Branded medications are products, which have the patent name, and which are sold under their logo. The trade name of drug can't be used by anyone else since it has the unique trade name. Generic medications are products, which can't have any brand value; however, they contain the same active elements, which you may find with similar patented medications, which contain the same active element. Both patented and generic products, which contain the same chemical composition, can act on exactly the same basis. Nevertheless, lack the recognized logo and patent. People know them by their chemical name.

Differences between branded and generic products

You have already known what both these products are and now you will find out about their differences. It would be quite helpful to distinguish them in order to take action. Generic products are known by their chemical composition, while branded products are known by their promotion and advertising activities. The probability of advertisement, which is published by the manufacturers of generic products, is quite low. Branded products are usually associated with the advertisement campaign, distinct packaging, unique brand ambassador and more.

The reason of difference

In fact, brand name and the price are the main differences between patented and generic products. Other expenses, except the manufacturing expenses, are mostly for branded products rather than expenses of the generic products. This might cause to some differences in these companies' strategies. Generic drugs are thought to deal in the content of medicine, but branded products are thought to be connected mainly with commercial activity. Branded products are purchased by the advertising for the commercial purposes, but the generic ones are believed to be sold at the prices' economic level.

Why is generic drug so preferable?

Someone obviously prefers branded drugs when it's time to buy a luxury product. But nowadays this rule can't work for the purchasing of medications. You may prefer to choose the generic name, because it isn't related to any status; however it's essential to satisfy all the necessity for drug.
Generic products are usually available at quite "comfortable" prices in comparison with branded ones. Customers have to pay for an excessive amount, which was spent for development and research, on purchasing branded products. Their advertising campaign and packaging make them quite pleasing. However, their prices usually aren't attractive at all. Branded products are more costly for both customer and manufacturers, as they include very huge advertising expenses.
Constantly rowing population is one of the main causes, which make prices for drugs much higher. Some people have to take drugs, when it's required, so choosing a medication is very crucial for them, especially when they have to buy long-term drugs, which should be consumed on a regular basis. Basic medications are necessities for people, and they should be consumed for both long survival and better living. It isn't easy for all the people to purchase expensive branded products, as they could be out of people's economic reach. Generic products are usually preferred by people because of low price and the same drug's action, moreover it's a medicine's benefit, which doesn't matter the name.

Trustworthy generic products

Generic products are the foremost drugs, which were at the very beginning of medical industry, and which are being continuously added. These products are tested by a great many of people during many years, so they became the most preferred drugs. They are known because of their action. They have already acquired goodwill. It's a quite trust factor, which causes an influence on their consumers' loyalty.
Every year a lot of branded products are introduced in the pharmaceutical industry. They may be introduced only after many series of testing. Generic drugs are so preferable, because they were tested by real consumers many times. You may have no doubt about an authenticity of generic products. Be careful, you may be cheated by purchasing the duplicate version of patented medications, when you purchase a branded drug. This is the main reason, why generic version of medications is so preferred: generic products will provide you with everything you need.

Online availability of generic products

Like any other goods, generic products are also available at our online Medstore. It's the best place for vendors to purchase generic products. This option of purchasing offers an easy price comparison. Someone may avail good money by using good discount, which is offered for certain purchases while customer purchasing medications online. Because of this, the demand for generic products is very great.
You may find the same chemical composition with every similar medication either it's a branded product or a generic one. You may get a generic for all medications online.

The benefits of purchasing products at med store

Recently, online purchasing of drugs and other medication products has become extremely popular and widespread. The greatest advantages for many customers in obtaining medications through the Internet are convenience and simplicity. However, it's also easy for vendor to access illegal medication selling websites and order any products simply by providing his credit card number. In fact, international regulations require medical products to be necessarily declared at post office, where they are sent, however companies can dispatch the packages unmarked.

Legitimate Internet med stores usually require their customers (patients) to register on website and offer different services like, for example, consultation with their doctor by telephone or by means of e-mail. When the work's going well enough, the legitimate med stores try to avoid any kind of potential medication interactions by means of asking new customers to complete a certain form, which indicates, what other drugs and medication products patients are currently taking, describing their health conditions, and giving their medical history. Each customer is provided with the unique personal identifier & confidential patient-specific information, which is transmitted only by following entry of vendor's number. Sometimes, the customer is offered the opportunity to take part ("opt-in") in different programs, which the med store offers by means of, for example, e-mail refill reminders.

In fact, the Internet trustworthy med stores offer privacy and convenience for people, who purchase products online, while med store provide an expanded access to the prescription medications and other health care products. Through the Internet, all the disabled and all the elderly, and all the patients, who live in remote areas, may easily obtain information, medications and services, which not long ago were acquired only with the great difficulty. In addition, price differences are very often important. Despite the transportation charges in the USA, the Internet medications are, as a rule, at least 10% lower.

Nowadays the challenge for med store regulators is the development of a regulatory approach, which will prevent all the described dangers, while leaving the online innovations unaffected, which may enhance an appropriate use of medical products and improve the customer's quality of life.

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