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Online Medstore is the best place for buying generics

The feasibility of generic's purchase

Our online med store has the same property as the other medstores in the Internet. By the way, some drug stores have version sites for mobile devices. You should not waste time to walk or drive to the nearest pharmacy - all will be in front of your eyes after a few clicks. Another advantage is the ability to see the range of products. You should not stand in queue and wait for the pharmacist to give you a couple of minutes.

Our online drugstore gives you a chance to get the needed drug without haste, carefully study the description drugs, check prices and producers, read reviews about a particular product. Another striking feature of online pharmacies is that you can order your medication delivered to your home, without leaving your home. This is useful in cases when you have no way to get out of the house.

The delivery of medicines online pharmacies can take up to several days, so in the case of emergency and immediately needed medications - online pharmacy, probably, will not fit.

Don't forget about danger of self-treatment. Before buying the drug in the online pharmacy, you should consult your doctor, ask him about contraindications, side effects, dosages and indications for use.

Often, online pharmacies indicate descriptions of the drugs on the pages of their web sites, but they may be exploratory in nature. You can contact the pharmacists on the sites with such a service. The specification and advice of employees of the pharmacy should not be used as grounds for self-treatment. Do not be lazy to consult a doctor because your future treatment depends on it.

Before buying in a particular pharmacy, read reviews, recommendations and articles about it in the separate sources. The best option will circulate to those pharmacies which have a network of regular offices or specific standing in the online market.

What are generic drugs?

Quite often a brand drug is so expensive that it is inaccessible not only for individuals but for whole groups and sections of society and practically the only way out of this situation, are generics. What is generic? This is the most exact copy of the drug, usually made in developing countries. The volume of such medications on the market of Europe is quite high. It's an opportunity to get a drug that costs much less, and therefore much more affordable than the original drug. It would seem that here is a universal solution that allows you to save huge amounts of money in the country and get quality drugs. But here, as elsewhere, we see its own peculiarities and pitfalls. Ideally, the generic is an exact copy of the original drug, made in compliance with all major quality requirements, process, storage, and so on.

How do generics appear?

Let's consider the process of emergence of the drugs on the market. Powerful pharmaceutical company or other institution that has the capability to lead drug development and invests in the creation, testing, validation and debugging of the drug, sometimes tens of billions of dollars. After all the necessary tests, trials, the drug gets patent and enters the market. The patent, of course, given for a specified period. When the term of a patent ends on sale there are drugs that are similar to the original in composition, but have other names. The point here is not only the transfer of production to more favorable countries and regions, but also in the lack of new products, costs for development and testing of the drug. As a result, a more affordable price of the final product.

What is it better to buy - generic or original drug?

Brand drugs are drugs first synthesized by the manufacturer and protected by patent in the long term (usually 20 years). Can copies appear on the market? Pharmaceutical companies work with dozens of molecules, but most of them are discarded even before the clinical trial stage, only a smaller number of clinical trials, thus, of the thousands of molecules, only one becomes a drug, having reached the pharmacy.

At the stage of development of a molecule the company even claims patent rights, and the original appears on the market after as many as several years, during which will be done all required actions for the registration of clinical studies that confirm the safety and efficacy of a new drug. By analogy, the time for the sale of brands is not enough, and funds for production consumes quite a lot (in these terms we are talking about the amount of 1 000 000 000 dollars), also, the amount includes the cost of defective molecules, and advertising, your profits and training health workers. In one word the huge cost of the original. The result is a new, first created for the tablet, and cost is sometimes prohibitive.

The generic copies only the main active ingredient. While the composition and concentration of the supporting elements can differ substantially. Sometimes, the generic is much worse than the original drug at higher content of the main component. The role played by the purity of the substance, which is used in such duplicates, and strict compliance with technological requirements of production, which in the case of generics, not so hard, and subtle combinations of chemicals that sometimes just make up the basis of the effectiveness of the original, but can loosely be counted, or not counted at all in the cheaper counterparts. Even the storage of the original drug and its generics may vary significantly.

That, in turn, significantly affects the efficiency of cheaper analogue. Thus, the generic is not always a worthy replacement, though not cheap, but effective original medication. But do not think that the market of generics, all is so clear. Among the manufacturers of such drugs, many companies that value their reputation, and therefore strive to reproduce the quality and effectiveness of the original drug.

In addition, you should carefully examine the accompanying documents for the drug, no matter what you bought, the original medication or the generic. If the drug was stored in improper way, there is a risk to lose your money and to harm yourself. This is a very common phenomenon.

In addition, before purchasing medication, especially generics, it is worth examining the reviews of people who have used this medication. Today, thanks to the Internet, it has become quite simple and fast. Often, generics, little inferior to what the original more expensive medication. An example can be ointments against herpes, which have major differences in price but in its effectiveness is not much different. To save on your own health, it is not correct in a root. On the other hand, the purchase of expensive original drugs, this is not the only effective investment in health. So, if you see that the expensive drug is an available generic, and the generic is quite effective and safe, why not spend the savings on the purchase of this drug.

Should we be absolutely sure in generics?

From the point of view of clinical practice, the physician prescribing the patient the generics must be sure that the replacement of one preparation with another do not damage the patient (model drugs are therapeutically equivalent). This is achieved by quality control of the drug.

Preferably, if it is carried out at all stages of production: at the stage of verification of suppliers of raw materials, input control of raw materials quality of production, quality control of the finished medicinal product, control of the relevant state bodies, validation by an independent laboratory and, finally, at the stage of clinical trials in the clinics and institutes of the country.

Thus, there is no need to be afraid of generics and you should take into account that: generic drug contains the same active medicinal substance (substance) as the original (patented) product; it differs from the original drug excipients (inactive ingredients, fillers, preservatives, dyes, etc.) and differences are observed in the technological process of production of generic drugs. There is another very interesting opinion, because generics are much cheaper than the original drugs, they were actually not fake.

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