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Online medstore: advantages and disadvantages, benefits and risks

Online pharmacies began to pop, so never it looked back. During the last three-five years with the development of ecommerce and technologies, online purchasing is much more secured nowadays. That is why people have accepted quite quickly these online stores. Online med store have so many different things to offer vendors, who get many benefits while purchasing online. In this article we'll review all the advantages of online medstore.

Good and useful for homebound and busy people

Seniors and just those people, who are a bit homebound because of age or other reasons (e.g. psychological) can easily purchase the medications they're needed, hair care or skincare products from online med store; they needn't walk to the nearest local medstore to purchase everything they need. Sometimes pharmacists may suggest people, confined to their home due to any kind of reason, to purchase their medications from online med store.

Med store is opened 24x7

Online med store is open all day long and all nightlong; there isn't any closing or opening time. As a result, you can surf through the med store for how long and whenever you want. You may visit your med store online at time, which is convenient for you; since then the clock isn't a constraint.

Universally accessible

You may visit your online med store from any place in the whole world. Those, who have too less free time, may visit their med store online from the house and save a lot of time which you might had spent for going to the local drug store.

You needn't whisper any more

Unlike the people, who can be at the local drug store, may hear everything you talk and see everything you buy. A great many vendors don't like it, but with the help of online med store you can purchase all medications you need without sharing it with others. So if you're buying a healthcare product which you don't want to share with anyone else, online med store is excellent for you. Buy everything you want without any hesitation any more.

Monetary benefits

You may get a concession on your purchase; online med store offers different discounts on all the drugs it sells. If you are purchasing medications for dental problem, pain relief, allergy, or you want to buy any facial products, you may pay for them much lower price in comparison with the price for the same products at local drugstores.

As online med store doesn't need to advertise or maintain some business premise, they can save much money for their vendors. They usually spend all this "saved" money for their vendors by offering an impressive reduction on all their medications, drugs, fragrances, hair care product, vitamins, hair vitalizer, facial products, skin care, toys and many other things.

These are only few of a lot of advantages of the online med stores or an internet pharmacy (it means the same things, but sounds different). Popularity of internet med store doesn't leave any place for doubt about medstore's usability and acceptability.

On the other side

Online med stores have made medications easily available. Though much information about healthcare drugs, products and medications is available for all consumers by means of Internet, they may always use this data to decide if or not this or that medication is suitable and useful for them, it's advised to consult with pharmacist or other specialists before the beginning of taking any healthcare product or drug.

Online med stores also offer a so called "live help" where customers are supposed to receive an answer to their question(-s). So throw all your doubts away, order and then receive medications you need at your doorstep in a few days.

All Risks and Benefits of Using Online Med Stores

Using an online med store may save you a lot of money and provide a great many of other benefits. However, there're also some potential risks, which may be serious enough, so you should be aware of them in order to avoid them.


Low prices: your savings will be about 90% if you're shopping for medications at online med store. Low generic medication prices in the USA, low medication prices in many other countries, low overhead costs in comparison with so called brick-and-mortar stores, and low price due to different discounts for medications. All this often results in big savings in comparison with local drug store prices. You can easily and quickly "surf around" for the best prices at online stores.
Convenience: If you think that going to the local drugstore is physically difficult and uncomfortable for you, if you have a quite busy schedule, online services and med stores will help you to avoid it and, moreover, it will save you much time. Many online med stores also remind you about the opportunity to order a refill in order to help you in maintaining of your regimen.
Anonymity& Privacy: you are able to feel much more comfortable buying your drug online, or you just want to talk with somebody about prescriptions, made by your pharmacist, and your health in "online regime" or by means of the phone, if you don't want to do it in person. However, to avoid your personal information be used for any kind of unauthorized purposes, you should verify whether the med store has an appropriate and trusty privacy policy.
Medical information: Some online med stores provide useful information about drugs and diseases. In addition they provide links to useful medical resources like, for example, health associations, universities or government agencies.


Some don't dispense medications through licensed med stores and pharmacies: Properly inspected, licensed and regulated med stores require full oversight of all licensed pharmacists and the extremely safe dispensing practices. Buying medications from an unlicensed med store may greatly increase chances of purchasing adulterated products, counterfeit or substandard. A couple of international med stores are licensed specifically in order to export and import prescription drug in a zone area, which is free for trade, but without domestic jurisdiction.

Some med stores don't adequately protect your financial and personal information: It's very important for med store websites to publish the existence of their privacy policy, which promises to forbid sharing your personal information and don't use them. All online financial transactions must be secured only through an adequate use of an encryption technology.

Some med stores don't give their telephone number and address: Med store websites, which publish false information or don't publish anything from their contact information at all, are more likely the sellers of adulterated products, counterfeit, substandard or simply send you nothing. Special services verify all contact information of the med store. Whether you have a concern, complaint, and question about an online med store, you want to be sure that you may contact by email or phone.

Additional fees are added to the medication price: There's usually a shipping fee & there could be also a medical fee, or an account may set up fee, which is very uncommon. Med store's price comparison pages may show vendor all these fees, so he is better informed about final price of medication.
Prices may change quickly: Some med store websites post lowball prices in order to attract customers and vendors, after which they raise them. Be sure to verify prices listed on the website according to the current date. Be careful.

Some med stores may sell drugs which can be very dangerous, if they would be taken without medical supervision: In the USA, these medications are known as so called "controlled substances", for example, Xanax, hydrocodone, Valium. Don't order from med store website medications, which are offered as controlled substances, which don't need any prescriptions, or if this prescription can be written based on your answers to online questionnaire.

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