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Most important information about online Medstore

In this article you may read the "gathered list" of the most frequently asked questions about online pharmacy, the rules and recommendations about using med stores' websites: the range of products and medications, payment information, ordering online, and some details about shipping of customer's order. If customer doesn't find his question listed in this article, or if he needs the more detailed explanation about any subject, he may feel absolutely free to contact the member of our website's customer support team and receive an immediate assistance.

Question 1: Ordering Prescription Products Online

Is it completely safe to buy prescription medical products online through med stores' websites? Ordering prescription medical products online at med stores' website is both secure and safe. Our online medstore works only with reliable Indian manufacturers. When customer place his order, he may be assured that he will always receive an authentic and FDA-approved medications and other products produced in the Indian facility. Buying prescription products from our website is completely safe. All the customers are strongly recommended not to take any risk, if it comes to customers' wellness and health, and order medical products only from the reputable, trustworthy med stores.

Question 2: Will customer's personal information and medical history be kept completely confidential and secure?

Customer's privacy is quite important to reputable and trustworthy med stores, that is why they protect all their customers' personal information using special programs and an advanced data encryption. In fact, all customers' personal information is always kept in a special secure database, including the restricted permissions - the doctor, handling customer's case, is the only one person, who may gain an access to vendor's medical history. Website's customer service team may only view vendor's basic information, including vendor's name, contact number, and address. Trustworthy websites never share any kind of vendor's information with the third party, except the demands required by law.

Question 3: What is usually included in the online medical consultation?

In fact, many med stores use either telemedicine or online medical consultations, or both of them, in order to increase an access to medical products and health care. The telemedicine is extremely popular among customers looking for a convenient and affordable way to address the common health concerns. It wouldn't be required from patient to visit his doctor for any physical examination. Instead, website will send him an online medical questionnaire (secure), which will be necessarily reviewed by the US-licensed doctor. For patient's safety, med store ask about his last medical examination before the dispensing his medication. Using the online medical consultations is a wonderful choice for customers looking for treatment of non-life threatening conditions like, for example, hair loss or male impotence, as these conditions usually don't require an immediate visiting of your physician's office.

Question 3: How may patient tell if he received an authentic and the FDA-approved product?

In order to prevent the fraud, manufacturer usually prints a great many of numbers either on the packaging or on the bottle. To verify, if vendor received an authentic and the FDA-approved product, he may call to the manufacturer to know, when the drug patient received was produced, the manufacturing facility's location, and patient may confirm an expiration date. Additionally, customer may contact med store with the questions about his medical product.
Avoid ordering the drugs at unreliable pharmacies. The counterfeit pills may contain harmful and dangerous ingredients - or they may not contain any active elements at all. For this reason, try to be careful choosing an online pharmacy.

Question 4: How many prescription medical products do med stores offer online?

Generally, in order to serve their customers better, med stores are constantly adding new drugs and other products to their inventory. Patients may overview med store's product page and see the list of prescription products and drugs available through this or that website.

Question 5: How does customer order prescription drugs online at different med stores?

Not all med stores website are the same, but generally they are all a bit similar. In fact, vendor may order his product online doing a few easy steps:
- find the product you need;
- look for the list of prescription medical products (there you also may find the product pricing);
- some web sites offer a shopping cart option. After finding the right item, don't forget to add it to the shopping cart (in case you need more than one product, add it to the shopping cart again);
- create your personal account: this aspect is very important (fill out the required form on contact information page, include all the information needed, including your working email address, where you can receive the order confirmation and some discount offers; you may also use your account in order to track your order status and manage the profile information);
- complete the required medical questionnaire (the pharmacist uses this information in order to determine, whether using the requested medication is completely safe for you; some med stores provides the medical consultation without any charges);
- ordering the refill (if you're ready to order a refill, then log in to your account in case you need any assistance, you may call med store's member of customer support team for technical support; as a rule med stores' customer support members are always available).

Question 6: Do customer need any prescription to order drugs online?

Some med stores require the prescription to order the FDA-approved drugs and some don't. If the med store requires the prescription, for customers' convenience, it provides 2 possible options:
1. In case patient doesn't have any prescription, med store will connect him with the US-licensed pharmacist. After reviewing all the answers, which are provided in patient's medical questionnaire, the pharmacist may determine, whether using the requested medication is completely safe for the patient. At some websites, this service is provided free of charge.
2. In case customer already has a valid prescription, he is asked to fill the required medical questionnaire, then fax his prescription information to the specified address. Some med stores also accept the prescription information sent by means of email.

Question 7: How do med stores verify the patient identity?

Some med stores use the special services in order to verify the address information and the age written by med store's vendors. Med stores offer this service in order to protect customer's identity and to keep all the sensitive information in security. One aspect of the verification process includes the situation, when one of med store's customer services member will call vendor to confirm if he's placed the order online. Our online med store cooperates with Check2pay processing company. The processing company contacts the client to confirm the payment after he placed the order. The order cannot be processed if the client did not confirm it.

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