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Modern way of purchasing medications is ordering them in online medstore

Nowadays, nearly 7 in 10 prescriptions, which are filled in the United States, are filled for generic drugs. The latest researches showed, that the use of generic medications is able to grow during the next years, because a couple of popular medications come off the patent through the current year. Below you can read some interesting facts about generic medications:

Fact #1: FDA requires generic medications to have the same performance and quality as brand name medications.

Generic medications have the same characteristics as brand name medications - nowadays this fact is quite widespread and it's known by millions of people.
When a generic medication is approved, it's met rigorous standards, which are established by the FDA: it includes an admitting of quality, respect to identity, potency, strength, purity. However, some differences and variability can be occurred (and it often occurs) during the manufacturing of medications, as for patented and generic medications. When a medicine, generic or patented, becomes mass-produced, there are permitted only small differences in size, strength, purity, and any other parameters. FDA limits which variability and differences are acceptable.

Generic medications should necessarily have the same strength, route of administration, dosage form, active element, as the patented drug. Generic medications shouldn't contain inactive ingredients, which are contained by the patented medications.

The generic medication manufacturer should prove its product is equivalent to the patented drug. For instance, after the person takes the generic medication, the amount of product in the bloodstream's measured. If in the bloodstream the medication's levels are the same like the levels, which are found after using of the patented product, the generic medication will work the same.

Because of bioequivalence review, FDA decided that the generic medication cause the same effect as its respective patented product. This standard was applied to all generic medications.

All packaging, manufacturing, and testing of generic drugs should pass the quality standards, which brand name medications pass, and the generic medications should meet the exacting specifications as patented products meet. Interesting fact: a great amount of generic products are manufactured in the same plants as other brand name medications.

Fact #2: Recent researches show that generic drugs work as well as the equivalent brand name products.

During the researches there were evaluated the results of approximately 40 published clinical trials, which compared cardiovascular generic medications to their patented counterparts. The results were next: there wasn't any evidence that patented heart medications worked at least a bit better than the same generic heart medications.

The average difference in an absorption into human's body between the generic products and the brand name ones is about 3.5%.

Fact #3: FDA doesn't allow a 45 % difference in an effectiveness between the generic drugs and brand name products.

Recently there were evaluated more than 2,000 human studies, which were made from 1996 to 2007. According to FDA during these studies there were compared and evaluated the absorption of patented products and generic medications into a human's body. All these studies were sent to FDA to approve the action of generic drugs. The average difference of absorption into human's body between the generic medications and the brand name ones was about 3.5 percent. Some generic medications were absorbed more slightly, some - less slightly. Such amount of difference could be acceptable and expected, if for 1 batch of patented product tested against another one batch of the same brand product, or for a generic one tested against the patented drug. In addition, there were made some studies during which brand name products were compared with the same patented products as they were compared with generic ones. Traditionally, the difference for generic medications to brand name ones' comparison was almost the same as brand name drugs to brand ones comparison.
In fact, any generic medication modeled after any single, brand name product should cause almost the same effect in human's body as the patented drug. There'll be always a slight, but it won't be medically important, the natural variability's level - simply as there's for 1 batch of patented medication compared to the following batch of patented product.

Fact #4: The questions about prices: there's a quite big difference between brand name products and generic ones. On average, the price of a generic medication is about 80% lower than the patented product.

Only during the 2010, the use of generic medications, approved by FDA, saved more than $150 billion, it's about $3 billion each week.

Fact #5: Low prices don't mean low quality.

Manufacturers of generic medications can easily sell their products for much lower prices, as they aren't required to repeat again and again the expensive clinical trials of new medications and generally don't pay for expensive advertising, promotion and marketing. In addition, a couple of generic companies are quite often approved to the market a single medication; this creates some kind of competition in so called market place, which is often resulting in much lower prices.

Fact #6: FDA monitors adverse the events reports for the generic medications.

The monitoring of the adverse events for medications, including generic products too, is only one aspect of the great FDA effort to research and evaluate the safety of medications after approval. After it many times many reports of the adverse events describe the known reaction to an active drug element.
Reports are usually monitored and investigated, if appropriate. The investigations can easily lead to many changes in the way of the use and manufacturing of this medication (both generic and patented counterparts).

Fact #7: FDA's actively engaged in evaluating and making all regulated medications - including generic ones - safer.

FDA's aware of the fact there are many reports in which it's talking about some people's experience and an undesired effect caused by switching from patented medication to a generic one or from a generic product to another generic one. FDA wants to find out what can cause any kind of problems with certain products if, they're linked to the specific generic medications.

FDA is encouraging all the generic industry and manufactures to investigate if, and under which circumstances, such kind of problems may occur. The Agency doesn't have any resources to perform an independent clinical studies and researches and lacks a regulatory authority in order to require plants to conduct such researches. FDA will continue the investigation of these reports in order to ensure people that it's all facts about any treatment failures and it'll make a couple of recommendations to the healthcare professionals and public in case this need arises.

Modern way of purchasing medications

According to all the facts mentioned above, we can make a conclusion, that using of generic medications is completely safe for human's health, it causes the same effect and, moreover, generic products cost much cheaper than the patented ones. Nowadays there's one more useful advantages of purchasing medications - order them online.

Purchasing medications online is a widespread practice all around the world these days. It's because vendors prefer to order medications through a simple click of button rather than going to the local drug store. Such kind of online med stores sell a great amount of products from prescription medications to any other health related products. The main part of such medstores are absolutely legal and they save all the traditional procedures, which are related to medication prescription. This is the main reason why a great many of vendors are confident about safe dealing with online med store. But be careful, if you have never bought medications online, consult with your relatives or friends, who buy drugs online, or with your doctor or any other professionals, who could advice you a trusty and verified website, which sells drugs online.

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