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Benefits ordering online

Today, it is easy enough to buy all necessary medicines. In each city you can find the majority of pharmacies with a large range of medicines. However, online pharmacies are very popular and in demand. You can buy any medicine in online pharmacy at any time of day and any day.

This is especially beneficial when there is no time for searching medications in the city pharmacies. After all, modern people are missing at work, including weekends, so they can't allocate time for visiting local pharmacies.

The buyer does not need to go to the pharmacy, all the drugs he orders online, and then the courier delivers them to the customer. This is an excellent purchase, if there's no time for a trip to the store or poor health. Sometimes, there are situations when the disease makes it impossible to appear in people, it could be diarrhea, flu, chicken pox, broken limbs, sunburned faces and other diseases that cause great discomfort to the person. Online med store can always help. Fast delivery right to your door, you can track your order online and consult with the specialist online.

Prices in online drug store are much lower than in the city pharmacies. The reason is that the virtual pharmacy does not spend money to pay the sellers and the rent and orders medicines directly from the warehouse, delivering the goods through the couriers.

Since online pharmacies have partnered with the largest warehouses, the range of their catalogs is much wider than in urban pharmacies. Here you can buy not only medicines but also a host of other useful products, such as hygiene products, medical cosmetics and means on skin care. In addition, choosing a drug in our online catalog, the buyer can thoroughly examine the product, read its manual, to compare the difference between the analogs, and only then buy medicine.

Another advantage of shopping online is privacy. After all, there are products that are associated with intimacy issues, so it is very difficult to talk about them in the presence of strangers. Ordering medication on the website, the person receives confidential purchase and maintains their calm. This service saves your precious time and rids you of spending your pastime looking for necessary medications in city’s drugstores.

Generics gain popularity

Today generics are gaining a lot of popularity. It is easy to buy them in the online Medstore. What are generics and how they differ from brand drugs you can learn if you read this article to the end.

The discoverer of the brand drug has the right to capitalize on his discovery and to recoup their costs on research and development (preclinical and clinical) with no direct competition that is included in the price of the drug.

Generic is a drug with proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence to the original. That is why buying generic we do not pay for the development, work, idea, etc. working on him, we can say the firm makes an analogue of the brand drug but much lower cost. However, this is not so, the effectiveness of the generic is not always sufficient and 100% equal to original, it often depends on the country and manufacturer. In each case, the issue regarding the conformity of the generic and the original is quite individual and often the choice depends on the personal experience of the drug by the attending physician.

The appearance of generic drugs is closely connected with the development of patent law. After the invention of new formulas and the proof of its effectiveness pharmaceutical companies get a patent for the production of this drug. The validity period varies in every country.

Later, a large pharmaceutical company has signed an agreement, according to which the production of analogues can be started before the end of the patent term. This decision proved to be beneficial for all. The company that makes the drug has received contributions from companies that produce analogues of original formula. New producers have made a commitment to give the drug a new name and to develop a new design of tablets or vials to avoid fakes. And patients from countries with a low level of life were given the opportunity to obtain effective treatment at an affordable price. Inventors of new medicines very carefully choose the company which will be entrusted with the production of copies. It should have modern equipment, trained staff and an excellent reputation in the market. If the audit reveals a discrepancy of a generic to the original drug, it leaves the market, and the manufacturer pays a lot of penalties.

In order to be registered, generics must face a number of requirements. At the stage of certification of pharmaceutical production, the company must prove that it can provide required cleanliness of the room (necessary to control the concentration of suspended particles); the appropriate level of training; modern equipment that allows to observe precisely all the features of the process. Choosing a company for the production of generics, the authors of the formulas take into account even the materials from which manufactured overalls, geographical origin of raw materials, packaging and other parameters. Most often the winners are the pharmaceutical companies in India and China, because many of them have a great manufacturing base. The analogs produced using the same technology as the original medicines in their composition are not permitted to replace the active substance or auxiliary components. At each stage of production the quality control is carried out to exclude the probability of occurrence of insufficient or dangerous to health products.

Advantages of generics

The popularity of generics in the market of the CIS countries is incredible: up to 60% of drugs are drugs analogs. The main advantage of the analogues is their cost: the price of originals can be ten times higher than generic drugs. Some doctors suggest buying original products, explaining that the world's leading pharmaceutical companies to provide more high-quality cleaning active substances. It provides fewer side effects. However, if the medication produces reliable manufacturers, their quality is strictly controlled. Availability of drugs is also important. Far not all pharmacies are willing to take the risk and purchase an expensive tool that may not be in demand. Much cheaper to buy generics, this managed to collect a lot of positive feedback. In cases where it is urgent to begin treatment, to get a copy is often much easier. Patients can rely on the fact that the drug will help to cope with illness. The issue of generic medications allows patients to make their own choice of what drug to choose. The growing number of companies specializing in the production of analogues is evidence of a stable increase in demand for inexpensive but high-quality medicines. India is a reliable supplier of generics, which can significantly reduce the cost of treating HIV, hepatitis C and cancer.

So, if you have already chose the necessary generic, read reviews, consulted with knowledgeable people or consulted with a specialist, it’s right time to order it online in our Medstore. It is very convenient and practical. You can pay immediately when you order drugs. The courier will deliver your order to your home. If you need to get your order very quickly, please choose fast delivery. You can get your purchase in 7-12 days. If this medication is not urgent, you can wait a little and get it via Standard mail in 14-25 days.

In order the clients feel comfortable, our online med store provides 7 days a week customer support. You can call us back, send us a message or use online chat on the web site. You can make a request on the website and you will be contacted by our manager in the nearest time. We do not accept orders by phone as you have to provide us bank details. You can place the order online and choose the dosage and the desired amount of the drug. Medications will arrive to your place in 7-12 days.

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