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Medstore's medications: advantages of purchasing medications online

The Internet completely changed the way people buy things, especially during emergencies. During the last few years, the Internet made it completely possible to cover absolutely all kinds of the emergencies.
It's out of the question that people obtain great benefits of an online purchasing of food, jewelry, mobile phones, clothes, and a lot of other products. However, during the last 2-3 years, the Internet gave the advanced benefits of purchasing medications too.

Below you may read about the advantages of online pharmacy :
1. The customer's able to choose from the wide range of drugs and medical products at med store, by one click of their mouse. There are a couple of other benefits like, for example, making the admissions to the local hospital for the scheduled operation, fixing the appointment with the pharmacist or consulting a pharmacist online.
2. There are a lot of the online herbal medications, related to a great many of illnesses and diseases like, for example, bowel function, weight loss, depression, hair loss, anxiety, weight gain, acidity and many others. You can order the needed herbal drugs online, whenever you want.
3. There are a lot of herbal medications, which help with some disorders connected with skin. These medications also contain vendors' reviews, which help the patients and other vendors to make a conclusion about this or that product, before purchasing.
4. A number of internet sites deal with wholesale drugs, which may help you to purchase a supply of the long course, and at a quite reasonable price. It may happen that you need to find these ones, by taking the help in search for engines or just asking for recommended websites from your colleagues or friends.
5. The online pharmacy's the best "resource" for elderly people or senior citizens, for who find it's difficult to make a travel to the local drugstore. You can even think of purchasing drugs for your elders being at home, with the help of med stores.
6. There is one more advantage of the online pharmacy and, which is less taxes, you pay for all these medications. The prices for the drugs are much lower than at any other drugstores. This gives vendor a benefit of the comparison shopping.
7. At the med stores, you only need to pay for the courier charges or shipment. Because of the stiff competition, nowadays you may find a lot of stores, which even offer a free home delivery without any courier charges.
8. A lot of customers think that it's quite convenient to purchase medications and their herbal supplements, with the help of online pharmacy. These med stores save vendor's money and time. It's especially convenient that you can shop whenever you want (no matter is it day or night), and you don't need to worry about the drugstore closing down after its working hours.
9. Sometimes people, who are in a state of mind, find it difficult to arrange some things on time. That is why a lot of people prefer to purchase their medications, clothes groceries by visiting the separate stores. Quite often, because of shopping haste, people tend to forget purchasing the main and very important things like their health supplements. At these situations the Internet and online pharmacy are our best friends, which are ready to solve our problems.
10. There are a lot of sites, which deal with treatments and medications. Customer may need to make an exploring of the web and consult with his pharmacist to recommend a trusty website, which you can refer to, if you have a medical need. It really helps in such situations when the main part of the stores is closed, because of festive season or holiday. No matter, which website you choose, always remember to consult the pharmacist and necessarily to check all the reviews about this med store.

FAQ about generic medications

One of the reasons, why purchasing at the med stores is so popular now, is price. If you purchase drugs online, you may save a lot of money. Why is it so? Instead of branded medications, at med stores there are mainly generic drug, as a rule produced in India. Their quality is the same as patented medications have, but their prices are much lower.
Below you may read the most frequently asked questions about generic medications, which may be useful for you.

What is a generic product?

A generic product is a medication, which has the same active element as the brand-name medication and yields completely the same so called "therapeutic effect". It's the same in usage, rules of taking, working, strength, quality, dosing, safety. Generic medications don't need to contain inactive elements, which the brand name products contain.

However, a generic product may be only marketed if the brand-name product's patent has expired; it can take up to more than 20 years since the patent holder's medication's first filed by the U.S. FDA.

Generic products are usually less expensive than patented drugs, which reach the market.

A medication company develops a couple of new medications as brand-name products under patent protection. It protects the investment in medication research by means of giving the medications company a sole right of manufacturing and selling the brand-name medication at the time, when the patent's active.

When patents and other periods of the exclusivity expire, any other manufacturers may submit an ANDA to the FDA to receive an approval to market the generic version of this or that patented drug.

Are generic medications as safe as patented drugs?

Yes, of course. The FDA should first approve all the generic medications. The FDA necessarily requires that generic medications should be high in quality, strong, stable and pure as brand-name medications. Generic drugs have the same active elements as brand-name medications and work in the same way, so be sure in their safety. They have all the risks and benefits like the brand-name medications.

Why are generic medications cheaper?

Although generic medication active elements are chemically the same to their patented counterparts, they are usually sold at lower prices than the brand-name medications. Generic drugs are much less expensive. It's connected with the fact that the drug manufacturer doesn't need to duplicate original clinical trials in order to provide safety and effectiveness, which reduces the price in order to bring the medication to market. The price of medications doesn't depend on quality: generic drugs aren't less expensive because these medications are "worse" in quality.

Why do generic medications and patented medications look different?

In the USA, trademark laws don't allow generic medications to look completely like the patented medication. However, the generic medication should have exactly the same active elements. Flavors, colors and some other inactive elements can be different but an effectiveness of the medication remains the same as an effectiveness of brand-name drug..

Does every patented medication have a generic medication?

No, it doesn't. New medications are developed under the patent protection, most medication patents are usually protected for about 20 years after the FDA filing. However, it can take many years of researching and get the patented medication to the market. When the time of expiration of the patent gets closer, other medication companies send an application to the FDA in order to receive an approval to begin selling the generic variant of the medication.

A generic medication may be "tentatively approved" (it's defined by the FDA) before to patent an expiration for the patented medication. Multiple companies may manufacture & sell generic variants of the brand-name drugs. However, some medications can never have any generics because manufacturers can deem these medications either unprofitable or too much difficult to manufacture.

Vendor can look for generic bioequivalent by means of using the Electronic Orange Book, "situated" on the FDA website and search by the proprietary "brand" name, and then search once more by using an active element name. If any manufacturers are also listed near the column "brand name" manufacturer while searching by an "active element," they are also the generic medication manufacturers.

While there's a lag time since generic medications are approved & when these drugs appear in "Orange Book," you're recommended to read the latest monthly FDA article about generic approvals.

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