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Important information about online medstore

Save your money while buying online

Online medstore may help you save much money, usually about 90% less than if you go to the local drugstore and purchase your medications there. The savings may sometimes mean more than thousands of dollars every year! For some people this could mean a great difference between obtaining the prescribed drug and having to go without this prescription. However, the Internet's a so called "minefield of trouble" because of dangerous med store websites that is why you should know about what you're doing in order to save your money safely. This article may help you to do it.

Online med stores are monitored, evaluated, and verified online in order to protect vendor's health. Using med store website, you may compare prescription medication prices among verified and evaluated online pharmacies, which have very low medication prices and meet enough high safety standards. By means of these actions, vendors can make excellent decisions for their own health and savings.

Purchasing from the properly credentialed and trusty online med store, which requires a consumers' valid prescription may help you save much money on your buying of effective, legal, and safe medications. Whereas a dangerous online med store can sell you very low quality drug, counterfeit, or adulterated drug - sometimes it's doing intentionally - and/or, as a result steal your money.

For patented medications, prices at med stores in the USA are quite higher than at med stores in other countries. It's not only about Canadian med stores, but international med stores in several countries, which charge much less rather than in Canada! However, on the other hand, a lot of generic drugs cost less in the USA, both at local drugstores and online, usually in conjunction with any prescription discount cards (they are also known as "prescription discount coupons").

In fact, there is a couple of laws, which can technically forbid vendor from importing an effective, genuine, and safe product for personal use - but you should also know that in the USA people aren't prosecuted at all for doing something like this.

This information can help you to understand all the policies and laws that can apply to you, protect yourself from dangerous online med stores.

Types of Online Med Stores


Most legitimate online med stores require vendor to provide the prescription, received after an in-person examination with vendor's pharmacist. Prices from these med stores are often lower in comparison with those from med stores, which accept or offer prescriptions, which are based on the remote consultations. Med stores in this category may include the main part of national chains in the USA; neighborhood med stores in the USA, Canada, and some med stores in the United Kingdom, India, Israel, Australia, New Zealand; large international and domestic centers of mail-order prescription fulfillment. Most med stores with a so called "traditional prescription requirement" have a full stock of all prescription medications you could find in local med store, except legitimate online med stores won't sell controlled medications internationally.

Remote Consultation

In fact, you may look for to obtain the prescription online, if you don't want or can't do it in person with your pharmacist. Websites , which offer this service, are generally known as so called "online consultation med stores", "remote consulting med stores", or "prescribing med stores", work with pharmacists, who review a vendor's self-reported medical history of diseases and then write the prescription if they find it appropriate but, unfortunately, many aren't adequately keep their customers' health safe. Their focus is as a rule on "lifestyle" medications, which aren't addictive and the necessity of physician monitoring is less likely. A few years ago, the American Medical Association with the FDA have published statements, in which it was written that remote consultations aren't qualitative when there isn't a prior pharmacist-patient relationship, which can be established only by the in-person physical exam. Nevertheless, some health insurance programs, which are very popular now, offer such services, which follow high standards, and they are called "telemedicine". Furthermore, some researches found out that remote consultations, which are done properly for an erectile dysfunction, were no less safe than the same traditional medical consultations.

There are online pharmacies that offer medical consultations by means of Internet in order to give a new prescription. The USA has different laws about the meaning of valid pharmacist-patient medical consultation. Some states don't prohibit the remote medical consultations to be the basis for prescribing, when at the same time some states permit it. Two states passed laws and granted express permissions, which directly support the remote medical consultations. In fact, in 2009, it became legal in Hawaii, where a pharmacist became able to prescribe non-controlled medication on the basis of the remote medical consultation, if this consultation is happened in real-time, for example, by phone or by means of video conference. Utah (state in the USA) granted the permission for a number of companies to offer the remote consultation in order to prescribe only a limited amount (mostly lifestyle) of non-controlled prescription medications.

Range of Drugs Sold By Online MedStores

Not all online med stores sell the wide range of prescription medications that you could expect to find at your local med store. Their medication range usually falls into 1 of the categories mentioned below:
"Full" range of drugs, including the prescription and non-prescription drugs, some testing supplies and many other beauty and health products, which you could at the large local med store.
"Over 500 drugs": this category of med stores includes almost all the prescription drugs< which are sold at your local med store.
"Between 250-499 drugs": this category of med stores includes those medications, which represent the majority of the prescription sales.
"Popular" drugs, which includes from 10 to 50 top-selling medications.
"Lifestyle" drugs, for example, medications, which are used for smoking cessation hair growth, contraception, sexual enhancement, weight loss, and herpes.
"Specialized" drugs for single purposes: e.g. for pain, or for specific medical conditions and diseases.

Purchasing Controlled Drugs Online Has Very Serious Risks

In the USA, most prescription medications, which have a high potential of causing an abuse and addiction, are regulated by the DEA in the USA, and of course by the FDA. Prescription medications, which are regulated by the DEA, are called as "controlled substances". Popular medications, which are falling under this category, include Xanax, Adderall, Oxycontin, hydrocodone, and Valium. At the same time regular prescription medications like Viagra, Lipitor, and Nexium are regulated only by the FDA and aren't regulated by the DEA. U.S. med stores, which sell controlled substances, should have a license, which was approved by the DEA.

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