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FAQ about med stores

Can I purchase medication as a prescribed one by the U.S. pharmacist?

You may buy product prescribed by the U.S certified pharmacist on our med store's website. After the completeness of all the needed documentation, your medication will be shipped to you.

May you "transfer" the prescription from the local pharmacy?

No, unfortunately most med stores don't accept prescriptions, which are transferred from the pharmacies. But the prescriptions from licensed pharmacists can be accepted. Some pharmacies require it and some don't.

What information is need from me in order to process my order?

For most med stores to fill out vendor's order as quickly as possible, customer will need to provide med store with the Medications Order Form, a valid prescription written by licensed pharmacist (the prescription should be necessarily written in English. Our online Medstore do not require a prescription. This makes the ordering process much easier.

Do med stores have any limit on prescription product quantity, which I may purchase?

Due to Regulations controlled by the FDA, customer may order, for his personal use, products for no longer than for 90 days supply.

How do med stores offer so low prices?

Yes, med stores really have very low prices. This is connected with next features:
Since the government of India has imposed the control on prescription products, med stores save on costs, which they forward to their customers. Hence, they are able to offer their products to customers at discounted prices.
The government of India prohibits an advertising of prescription products. The pharmaceutical companies don't include these costs in their selling prices. The price of these products is further reduced.
So, generally, generic products are less expensive in comparison with the patented ones.
Prices are getting lower since the time, when an exchange rate of American dollar was good enough in comparison with other currency.

What are med stores' Security Policies & Privacy?

Most med stores treat their patient's privacy with an utmost respect. They provide the security in order to protect all their medical, credit card and personal information. All the information provided on the website is a subject to pharmacist-patient privilege laws. Our Med store also uses the most modern systems and technology to protect customers. Online order system of med store uses the updated technology of secure encryption.

Do med stores sell any kind of controlled substances?

Most med stores believe in a healthy and clean way of living. They usually deal in products, which maintain their customers' healthy lifestyle or help individuals sustain. This is why most med stores don't sell any kind of controlled substances, narcotic pharmaceuticals and habit forming substances, which may be dangerous for customer's health.

What countries do med stores ship to?

Our med store ships to "each corner" in the USA, we also ship medications to other countries all around the world.

What is about the procedure of cancelling customer's order?

In case customer wants to cancel his order, he can send a mail to med store or call it before the charging of order.

May customer cancel his order after the medication is charged?

Unfortunately no, customer's order can't be canceled if customer's payment was received.

How will vendor know if his order is shipped or not?

To know if vendor's order is shipped, vendor may login to his account, which may let him know details of his order and his order status.

What should customer do if he doesn't find the products he is looking for?

You can contact us and our customer support executives or our pharmacists will get back to you on receipt of your query.

How can I check my order's status?

To check the order's status, vendor may login to his account, which lets him know whether his order is delivered, shipped, processed.

How can I refill the order?

Customer may login to his account and refill the order, which he has already placed with med store by following website's simple payment procedure.

May customer order more than one drug at a time?

Yes, of course, customer may order not only one drug, but any amount of products at a time.

What are the med store's operating hours?

Usually med stores are available all day and night (24 hours). Most med stores have an online chat & a call center support, which also works almost all the time. Our customer support works 7 days a week from 9am till 5 pm by Eastern Time.

May customer talk to med store's pharmacists?

Customer may contact med store's customer support online by using the button - online chat, which is available in all the medication pages.

Do med stores accept returns? Do med stores refund if customer's order was delivered with some damaging?

Most med stores reship the order in case the customer's order was delivered with some damaging.

May customer change the "shipping address" of his order?

Yes, of course, customer may mail med store or contact it with an online chat in case he wants to change his shipping address. It's possible only before customer's order is shipped.

What about shipping and packaging of customer's order?

Customer's order is completely untouched by the human hands. Order, packaged in manufacturer's sealed strip/blister packaging, vendor's products will be delivered to his doorstep in 7- 14 days.

How long does it take to ship vendor's order?

Once med store has received all the needed information, it will begin processing customer's order and his order will reach vendor in the period of 7-14 days. When med store ships the medication to vendor, it will email him his tracking number. Customer may trace his order in the real time by the logging onto med store's website or he may get information either by means of regarding his shipment status or by calling med store number.

Which is the sales tax?

Many med stores don't apply any sales tax on the online orders.

Is the use of the credit/debit card safe?

Trustworthy med stores make sure about impossibility of credit/debit card fraud, when vendor place the order with med store's website. Trustworthy med stores employ all the needed security measures to save all account information, which is sent to them, completely protected from any unauthorized access.

Will med stores accept the U.S. Insurance Plan?

Some med stores don't accept the U.S. insurance plans, but they may provide customer with a receipt or an invoice, which vendor may use for any insurance purposes. Be careful, that acceptance of such kinds of receipts may differ between the insurance companies.

Are med store's prices in the US dollars?

Usually all the prices on med stores' website are in the US Dollars.

What may happen if vendor doesn't receive his shipment?

As a rule, in case customer doesn't receive his shipment med store will reship it without any additional cost to vendor. If customer doesn't receive his shipment within 3 weeks since the placing of his order, he may contact med store immediately to begin replacement process. The percentage of successful med stores' deliveries is very high, while the percentage of packages' lost is extremely low. In case med store is unable to reship vendor's order successfully, it will refund his payment.

Is there a professional fee for the prescription, when vendor's ordering prescription products?

As a rule, med stores charge no extra fee for any kind of prescriptions. The pharmacist's review and other prescription fees are already included in the mentioned prices.

Why do the drugs, which customer receives, look different in comparison with those, which are sold at the local drugstores?

There is some physical difference between generic products and patented products. Patented products & their generic counterparts, as a rule have completely the same active elements and fulfill the same function; nevertheless they look a bit different. In case vendor is used to patented drugs' ordering and he orders their generic counterparts with med store's website, be ready that they will look a bit different. Even patented drugs, which have the same name may look different It depends upon if their country of manufacturing is Canada or USA or anything else. Generic products also will look different, in case different companies manufacture them.

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