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Advantages of buying cheap generics in the online Medstore

Why are generics better?

Many people faced at least once with the high cost of drugs thought about a possible alternative to expensive tools. Tried to find substitutes or similar effects of medicines, consult your doctor or read the forums on the Internet. As the saying goes, he who seeks will always find. Today generics, for most people in the world, are full and in no way inferior drugs that have replaced for a lot of people the original, branded and expensive medication. Let's see first what is generic.

Generic is a drug which is equivalent to the original means of pharmacological, biological and medicinal properties. There is an original drug which is called branded or original. In every country the brand-name drug after its release to the market has a patent which protects the drug from the release of other counterparts and shall be valid for a certain time. In different countries this term is different.

For example, in the US it is 12 years old. After this time any pharmaceutical company has the right to produce and sell copies of the original drug. But for that it needs to conduct studies that prove that their drug is equivalent to the original in therapeutic, pharmaceutical and biological effects on the body.

Generic needs to bear a different name. The retention of the brand name is considered as a fraud and is illegal. Copies of the drugs are always much cheaper than the original ones.

Can generic drugs be safe?

Original drug has many clinical trials to prove its high quality, so its price is quite high. The cost of generics is much lower, but it is also secure. When generic enters the bloodstream, it repeats with accuracy a therapeutic effect similar to the original brand. If you change the composition of the generic, you may experience various side effects. Thus, if the manufacturer will change the chemical formula, it will decrease the efficiency and of course security tools. And who will check? Doctors always warn their patients that the generics may differ in their properties from each other.

Common arguments

To register and start producing the generic is not an easy thing. This requires production, which meets international standards, such as GMP, so there is a need to invest the money that will be spent on modernization and improvement. With such high competition that exists on the modern pharmaceutical market, products that are harmful to the consumer, undermine the reputation of the manufacturer among physicians and wholesalers for the purchase of medicines. In order to prove the equivalence of the brand drug in the therapeutic actions of generic manufacturers are trying to conduct clinical studies now. Generics are more affordable, and due to their release of people of middle and low incomes can afford full treatment.

How to choose generic?

While choosing a generic drug you can have a lot of questions. For example: "Can I trust the quality of the drug?", "What guides the choice?", "How not to make a mistake?". The most important thing in choosing - do not chose it yourself, but be sure to consult with your doctor or pharmacist. He can tell if there were studies comparing the generic with the original, and what was the result. Specialists in pharmacology and medicine are interested in the effectiveness of your treatment and advise you the best.

Are generics the same like an original drug?

The active substances in generics are equivalent to the original but with its identity they can give the same side effects. Generics are used for quite a long time, and the frequency of their application proves their effectiveness. Likely, many people chose to purchase generic drugs as they are more affordable in cost for most people. Generics are produced by analogy with the original and are officially recognized drugs, produced according to specific technological and hygienic standards and can be bought in our online Medstore. Trafficking occurs in all countries and is a specialized direction of the pharmaceutical industry.

Why do doctors all over the world prescribe to their patients generics instead of brand drugs?

The reason is that some diseases involve simultaneous use of several drugs, often a lifetime appointment. If the patient was prescribed the original drugs, characterized by high price, after some time the patient usually stops taking them. When the patient feels the symptoms of the disease recede, he begins to consider different ways of treatment, and the financial factor is a strong decisive that has influence on further treatment.

After a while the symptoms return and the condition worsens. It is observed that people are ready to continue treatment as long as prescribed by your doctor while buying drugs which have less hit on the wallet. Researchers have shown that adherence of the treatment is 3 times higher in patients who are prescribed generic drugs than those who are treated with expensive originals. In addition, the generics have another advantage - they are not fake. Because of the high cost of original drugs, generic is the kind of output, both for the state and for us.

Why is the price of generics much lower?

A new original medication requires the manufacturer time and high costs. Scientific and research work is carried out in all directions and occupy about 15 years. Over 90% of our products are brand new products. The manufacturers have to increase their selling price for reimbursement of expenses and the successful sale of the branded drugs. Right now the price for branded drugs is quite high and less affordable for the basic user. Rare species of brand drugs are sold more often.

So let's consider: what can be dangerous in generic drugs? Of course, nothing. They like everyone else are in the process of certification, clinical trials and confirm the absence of possible serious side effects and complications. In the last 15 years, generics have extended the scope of its application to an unprecedented scale: it is analgesic, antipyretic, antibiotic means, and, today, the drugs promote sexual spheres, improves erection separating ejaculation, various agents and many others. Much easier to buy affordable and even more effective Levitra, Cialis, or Dapoxetine than to spend money on expensive, and quite obsolete on effects Viagra. These drugs are so harmoniously built in chemical formula, with which they become more useful and fast acting compared to its older ancestors, the starting point of where they began.

Manufacturers producing generic medications create absolute counterparts of patented drugs, while the auxiliary substances included in their composition, much cheaper. Plus, generic does not pass the test in a clinical setting, and the manufacturer spends huge amounts with the aim to advertise a product or to develop an original package design. All these factors have a significant impact on the cost of generics.

Advantages of generics

Generics have a number of advantages over the brand drugs awarded by the leading experts in the field of medicines. Among them stand out the following:

- Effectiveness and properties of generics do not differ from the original requirements, as in their composition are the active ingredients in similar doses and forms;
- Generics are cheaper by almost four times for the same original drugs therapeutic properties;
- Buying generics, eliminates the possibility of buying fakes because of the low cost of analogues it makes no sense to try to imitate;
- The properties of the active substances included in the composition of generics, studied more than thoroughly, and phenomena such as adverse reactions, known as well as efficiency.

The analysis of the chemical composition of both drugs revealed that they do not fully overlap. The main active ingredient is the same, but the difference is in the impurities that are in the treatment process do not participate and are not fundamentally significant. According to the opinions of experts in pharmacology, production of generics of high quality is carried out in a number of developed countries. Among them: Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, India, Slovakia, Europe and the USA. Given the fact that some people may be strapped for cash, purchasing generic is the only opportunity for successful treatment.

To sum up, it can be said that advantages of generic drugs are obvious. Low price does not mean bad quality. Don't be afraid to try generic medications. You can easily buy them in our online Medstore. We are open 7 days a week. Our customer support is always ready to help you to choose the correct medication or give any information you need on delivery process. You can call us back, send us a message or use online chat on the web site.

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